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See You

(Capo II)



Without you, I can live on a long time, (Em Bm (D) C)
for work and pay. (Em)
Without you, I can even love the skies,
(Em D C)
with snow and rain. (Em)
Without you, I can be just, (G Am)
whatever that I want. (D Bm)
But without you I just wonder, (G Am)
what it is that I live for. (D Em)

 See you later, (Em)
see you there. (Am)
I will find you, (D)
anywhere. (G)
We will go out, (C)
we will spend, (D)
the time that's needed, (Am)
for a friend. (Em)


 Without you, I can sleep alone, (Em Bm (D))
and rest for a working day. (C Em)
Without you, I can watch, (Em D)
and have a real good time. (C Em)
Without you, I can really, (G Am)
live a long very long time. (D Bm)
But after that I just wonder, (G Am)
what is it that I live for. (D Em)

 I Want to love you, (Em)
I want to go. (Am)
Forget my self, (D)
and what I know. (G)
I must leave, (C)
I just have to. (D)
not stay away, (Am)
to be with you. (Em)


 Without you, I can cook and clean, (Em Bm (D))
my rooms and eat my meals. (C Em)
Without you I can read, (Em D)
from a program or a book. (C Em)
Without you, it's no problem, (G Am)
to fight about what's to be learned. (D Bm)
But without you I just wonder, (G Am)
what it is that I live for. (D Em)

 Make some time, (Em)
drink that cup. (Am)
Must find out, (D)
what is up. (G)
I can't deny, (C)
the love that's you, (D)
nor forget, (Am)
that you're there too. (Em)



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