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One With You



(Capo III)




I always want to go against, (Am G)

the grain, the way it should be, (Em F)

although I know it's you, (F G)

I have to do what's me. (Am)


I want to love you, (C Dm)

make you happy, (Em F)

but it also has to, (G Am)

take that turn. (G7 C)


Em Am F G

Em Am G C


Hold on to, I'm telling you this, (F G)

to the love that goes against, (Em F)

from the heart you'll know the difference, (Am G7)

from the light to which we danced. (Dm C)


Don't forget the music, (G Em)

don't forget the rhythm, (F Am)

don't forget the time, (Dm G7)

but forget the pain. (G Am)


Don't forget the flowers, (C Am)

don't forget the kiss, (G7 G)

whatever be the powers, (Am G7)

we won't miss. (F G)


Hold on to, and be assured of, (F G)

the love that never dies away, (Em F)

everything that we endured was, (Am G7)

not for nothing but the way. (Dm C)


Em Am F G

Em Am G C


You will see that (C Dm)

I for sure will (Em F)

return to (G Am)

that love so pure. (G7 C) 


I always turn around you know, (Am G)

give all there is to give, (Em F)

never doubt my ways through time, (F G)

I'll always be with you. (G Am)

  (Dit lied in het Nederlands)          



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