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I Lost My Mind
(version 3.5)


(Capo II)



intro: Am, F, Em, Am  

All in love for you (Am Em)

all for music and the dance (Am F)

I went and lost my mind (F G)

I had to see my friends (G Em Am)

Since then I really do know how (Dm G)

of what and when and why (C Am)

I tell you I remember still (Dm G)

it's the love I can't deny (G Em Am )


I love to dance (C )

I love the music (Em)

I love the friends (F)

I love to go (G)

I love the beat (Em)

I love the rhythm (Am)

I love the heat (Dm)

I love to know (G)




There's nothing that I want ruled out (Am Em)

Everything may join with me (Am F)

whether talking drinking eating out (F G)

whatever that we'll do we'll see (G Em Am)

close I like, and keep it cool (Dm G)

let go of it and know my time (C Am)

don't think too much, forget the job (Dm G)

just dance along the rhyme (G Em Am )


I see you dancin' (C )

see you late (Em)

see your body (F)

see your faith (G)

have the smilin' (Em)

have the cool (Am)

have the swingin' (Dm)

and be a fool (G)




Senses, world and something else (Am Em)

I let it be, I just live that (Am F)

but clearly I remember something (F G)

as sober you will also get. (G Em Am)

Lovely ladies, guys so fast (Dm G)

gentle, cool, o what for God, (C Am)

as the show goes on to the very last (Dm G)

the good times you'll forget them not (G Em Am )


I go for it (C )

all at ease (Em)

my heart does feel (F)

I go for peace (G)

I have to know (Em)

as you do too (Am)

we do know her (Dm)

yes she loves you (G)



I lost my mind a long time ago (Am Em)

and found the spirit in return (Am F)

if you do too then make that known (F G)

don't forget it, just don't burn (G Em Am)

I dance and rest and dance some more (Dm G)

later in the night we're going (C Am)

tomorrow we will do no more (Dm G)

I've got to go and stop the showin' (G Em Am )


I'll go and sleep (C )

I'll go and rest (Em)

take your love (F)

your joy and jest (G)

we had the night (Em)

we had our way (Am)

't was out of sight (Dm)

we've seen the day. (G)

(Dit lied in het Nederlands)


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