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European Anthem

alternative version, see also the official version:
'Ode to Joy' from L.v. Beethoven

From a long time here, (C)

we realized there's more, (G Dm)

more than our own or what was given, (F G )

more than the land or banner. (G C)

As during the ages we grew, (Am Dm)

also in numbers more and more, (G C)

We astounded to learn, (Em Dm)

finding out about each manner. (F G)


From hearts in lust for life, (C)

from hearts to the hereafter, (G Dm)

we found the middle way, (F G)

the path, that led us all to glory. (G C)

Giving up control, regaining, (Am Dm)

with crying and with laughter, (G C)

forsaking gods and nations, (Em Dm)

God found us; our story. (F G)


Europe is our world, (G C)

our world is our Europe, (Dm Em)

this land is our true love: united but diverse. (F G C)

Europe is our life, identity and hope, (Am Em F G)

it's nature sets the standard; (G C)

the true the universe. (F C)


 (Dit lied in het Nederlands)        



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