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 6.20 - 8.28 2000




Hollow Man

Seen: 08.28.00. Dir. Paul Verhoeven. Kevin Bacon. This movie is about a scientist freaking out . Someone discovered how to quantum leap cells and thus whole bodies making them invisible. The other way around is a bit more difficult though. The doubtful genius freaks out on the secret life he can lead as an invisible man. Everything runs completely out of proportion and the man of goodness is suddenly the animal of prey killing and going for the power. Bacon is a mighty fine psychopath in this movie, or would it have been the director that lost his marbles half way the movie? Great for lovers of the action genre. Doubtful for philosophers. Too black in the style of the old Alien Science Fiction...



 Man on the Moon

Seen: 08.28.00. Dir. Milos Forman Starring JIm Carrey. The life of the controversial comedian Larry Kaufman. He was the man who knew to twist reality such a way in his jokes that nobody knew anymore whether it was real or not. Even his transcendental meditation fellows doubted his integrity. Consequence: when he was dying of cancer he could not be believed. Hilarious was his last joke to make himself laugh: he went to the phillipine miracle-'surgeon'. A kind of Peter and the Wolf effect with this man. Good to have seen this movie. Still a difficult aftertaste though (did he really die?).



   Galaxy Quest

Seen: 08.19.00. (co-) Starring Sigourny Weaver. Is it an insult to picture aliens as clumsy stupid people with technical power only? In this movie a kind of Star-Trek like science fiction series actors are confronted with real aliens that request for their assistance. The aliens are taking the series for historical records of real happenings. Meant as a comedy it is certainly funny and not bad set up at all with still some really nice special effects. It is entertaining as a successful parody on the usual SF-stuff, but still raises a few questions on how we really are thinking of extraterrestrial life. Are we their gods and they just try to attain to paradise the wrong way? But the story has a happy ending. The aliens learn to take care for themselves and thus it is a good story after all that alien dependency. We earth people teach them independence. That's it.



Gone in 60 Seconds

Seen: 08.12.00. Dir, Dominic Sena, starring Nicolas Gage. One may wonder why a movie full of sympathy for the thieves of cars is so fascinating. Racing like maniacs running for the matter only our hero has to save his brother by stealing 50 cars in one night. My conclusion is that these type of movies strongly depend on the craftsmanship they are made with. The Americans are specialized in the genre and hardly anyone can do it better. It is a perfect movie the way it is shot, the tempo of the story, the excitement and everything. The true morality is explained in the movie: our hero doesn't do it for the money, but for the love of the job itself. He stopped doing it for a living and this time he (as well as all the others helping!) does it only for his brother. In the end, bad guys defeated etc., he turns all stolen cars in while the detective hunting him throughout the whole movie lets him go. The non profit motive -theme justifies everything. A good thing to remember, a wise lesson. I had to pay an entry fee though, but o.k.



Stir of Echoes

Seen: 08.04.00. Dir, David Koepp starring Kevin Bacon. In this movie a normal guy is 'opened' by hypnosis and starts seeing things. He sees the spirit of a girl but he doesn't know what it is all about. His whole life changes; his inner self has broken through. His little son also saw the ghost but couldn't tell either what or how precisely, although he is a great help to his seeming disturbed daddy digging for unknown reasons in the garden and cellar. His wife doesn't get it. The ghost turns out to be a murdered woman and the plot defeats the perpetrators in the end. Its a well written story and interesting highlighting the more intuitive person. It is a sympathetic change towards the normal man story showing how average citizens cope with premonition and the beyond. Bacon is on his best in this movie. Never saw him that intense before.





Seen: 08.04.00. Dir. Kevin Smith. Starring Matt Damon. Some scenarist has been reading too much in the Holy Bible. The result is a most curious movie about normal looking people who turn out to be playing a biblical game: two fallen angels want to return to heaven and disprove the truth of God for which they were abandoned. Disproving God would be the end of the universe, so they must be stopped. Therefore two prophets and some other characters drop (literally) out of the sky inspiring an innocent (...) woman to do the job. Also a couple of demons to defend the fallen ones messing people up with hockey-sticks appear skateboarding. Good/bad scheming etc. Well after a run of peculiar plotting with another really shitty demon (defeated by a spraycan), God turns out to be a woman who chastises the bad by opening her mouth only. Further a nice jewish girl... For lovers of the bible maybe an interesting movie if they don't take offense with a thumbs-up, winking Jesus... But the ignorant might think this is a lot of crap. Funny... I don't even think about it. Maybe its a very desperate Christianity not knowing the true time of God anymore that produced this picture. It's a bit worrying, although not meant so.



The Patriot

Seen: 07.28.00. Dir.Roland Emmerich. Starring Mel Gibson. The struggle for american independence is measured wide and grand in this true story about the american patriot who first unwilling but later the more fanatic fights the english nobles and army to defend the rights for an independent existence. Though a beautiful story with all ingredients and a classic must see, the movie goes along the traditional line of good and bad. Why not only the americans but the complete of western mankind started fighting itself at the end of our colonization period remains unanswered. Of course is a righteous noble rule not bad, but the only thing the patriot says about it before becoming so is: ' better one dictator 3000 miles away than 3000 dictators around the corner'. I couldn't help thinking of this all along the movie that fell short in counterbalancing the patriot point of view. War... what a karma!



Me Myself & Irene

Seen: 07.20.00. Dir.The Farly Brothers. Jim Carrey the schizoïd policeman has four sons from his adultering wife who left him for the midged driver of his marriage-limosine. These four sons are directing this movie. It is indeed a good comedy fit for the fine talents of Mr. Carrey. What happens to a man out of touch with his assertion is hilarious to see. One may also wonder what would happen if the complete society would realize what split nature our timesystem is confronting us with: our true nature betrayed by our pragmatical motives stealing our honor and hope for a happy life. But this kind of reflection is to the audience. The Farlys just delight in the comedy about an individual suffering it and if one wants nothing more than that, then go see.



Final Destination

Seen: 07.20.00. A class of highschool youngsters on a schooltrip to France crashes with the airplane. One of the guys sees it happening before in his spirits eye and manages to save some of them. But death has been planned for all of them. The movie is about the power of death making patterns that normal mortals cannot withstand. It is an original horror-movie and the makers were quite inventive to produce schemes of death that are almost laughable. Can one fight destiny? If the makers would be as inventive to discover patterns of life they could make a more enlightened pictureshow on the art of coming to life instead of finding death. Its a nice movie for the ones in digestive need that oddly enough begins with some scenes on the john.



The Next Best Thing

Seen: 07.13.00. Dir John Schlesinger. With Madonna and Rupert Everett. An alternative movie on alternative people with alternative problems ending in a common drama. This film shows how people living authentic from their own realizations still can grow apart and estrange. Facts: She is a yoga-teacher, he a homosexual flower-man. They are friends and accidentally they had some occasional sex. Funny to see strange people getting excited on behaving normal. But a child is born. The two take responsibility and educate the kid like house-friends for the next best thing after a love affair. After years she falls really in love with someone else and then trouble starts. The three don't get along and he doesn't want to drop out of the lovebond. He is a good father after all, or not... For three years she kept secret that he wasn't the father at all. He loses the case in court. The heart is broken. Lesson learned: keep on doing yoga and believe in flowers; bondage is an illusion.





Seen: 07.13.00. Dir. Betty Thomas. Starring Sandra Bullock. Imagine an alcoholic lady with difficulties to lead an adapted straight life. She goes to a clinic to become human again. She loses touch with her former party-friend. She regains compassion with other people. She is born again. In a clinic- kind of social setting with all kinds of humanistic half religious practices of chanting and serving. It reminds of a monastery where one can find rebirth with a new self discipline. Where is the real world? What is the problem in the material world? How does the world of the real human beings come about and how is it maintained? Ultimately essential questions this film doesn't all answer. But it lays a good foundation of 28 days out of a life for another life for further exploring into the alternatives of human consciousness.



Mission Impossible II

Seen: 07.05.00. Dir. John Woo, starring (and producing) Tom Cruise. The virus won't leave us with this action movie: the simple good and bad scheme is nicely wrapped in a fast and grand modern high-tech style. The evil wants to sell the antidote spreading a cultivated virus and the good hero must prevent it. That's the story. Of course there is a beautiful lady which makes it an impossible mission. The criminal takes hold of her and threatens to win. The hero must walk trough walls and jump of skyscrapers, but of course he wins in the end. Although a bit overdone here and there with all too unlikely comic-book style transformations of persons it is still a high quality product worth wile for the ones in favor of the action-genre, especially knowing that Cruise did his own stunting. It radiates the fun that one had making it.



Reindeer Games

Seen: 07.05.00. Dir.John Frankenheimer. This is a criminal X-mass comedy. A convict takes the place of a mate after leaving prison. He thinks he can start a nice life in freedom with the girl friend of his deceased friend, but runs into a hell of trouble. It turns out to be a set up in which he must help other (inexperienced) criminals to rob a casino at X-mass time. A lot of dead Santa's can be enjoyed as the not un-funny victim escapes being the hero in a somewhat constructed end. End good all good for the righteous criminal who didn't really want all that money that other bastards gave Him setting him up ..... but o.k. one Santa must be good. A lot of fun.



L'Humanité (France)

Seen: 06- 28-00 Dir. Bruno Dumont. Awarded Cannes '99. A policeman has a deep crisis in his simple rural existence in a village in the North of France. A child is molested, raped and murdered. No one knows the perpetrator. Nor the onlooker, nor the characters of the movie. Very slowly, as slow as real life (with the real local people for actors) the film drags on on every trivial emotion and event. That makes it a very realistic but tiring almost boring picture. Sometimes maybe a bit too realistic showing all dishonorable superficial of animal human life. The director takes the viewer on a tour of paranoia. Who did it? The policeman himself? Someone else. In the end when one almost has fallen asleep sudden the most obvious option appears to be the truth. Lesson learned: it is the viewer that is corrupt and not the society. Although difficult and slow, an interesting club-movie going deeper than the average commercial product.



Three to Tango

Seen: 06- 20-00 Dir.: Damon Santostefano. Starring Matthew Perry. This is a very hilarious original comedy about a not too beautiful guy in love with a beautiful girl. He is an architect and she an artist befriended with the man who employs the architect. To keep his contract he has to take care of the girl but falls in love with her. But she very soon hears of his being gay because his partner in business is a fervent gay. So he plays the game of being gay getting very close to the woman he loves. He wins the design-contest that decided whether he would get the assignment of millions of dollars and also wins the girl in a classical american style: in a public confession that he is not gay. Worth while seeing.







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